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Industrial Packaging Products

Industrial Laminated Sheets

Industrial Laminated Sheets

Approx. Rs 600 / Sheet

We offer quality industrial laminated sheets for various packaging requirements. Designed and formulated for specific applications, our industrial laminates undergo strict quality control processes and ensure international quality standards. The industrial laminated sheets are produced by pressing the multiple layers of resin impregnated filler material in the hydraulic press under high temperature & pressure conditions. The filler may be a web of kraft – paper or cotton fabric or kraft paper sheets while the resin is phenol and formaldehyde resin.

We supply our industrial laminates in various grades and specifications for different applications that are available as paper phenolic and fabric phenolic.

Paper Phenolic
Our range of paper phenolic sheets is manufactured using multiple layers of kraft paper, which is properly treated with phenolic resin. These laminated sheets are used as insulation materials and are classified on the basis of their electric properties and water absorption

The various grades of paper phenolic, available with us are E-P1, E-P2, and E-P3. A brief description of the characteristics and applications of these products is given below:

E-P1 provides very good mechanical and adequate electrical properties and is suitable for low-tension and non-humid applications. The various applications of E-P1 include use as battery eliminator, transformer and choke bobbin, tube light ends, control panel, condenser mountings, drill back- up and drill – entry and in bobbin industries.

E-P2 delivers a combination of superior electrical and mechanical properties, which make it ideal for applications in power industry and uses in oil. The different applications of this product include transformer covers, C.B handles and side frame, distribution board fuse holder base and more.

E-P3 shows excellent electrical and adequate mechanical properties like low water absorption. It is suitable for high tension electric applications even under tropical conditions. Its various applications include the transformer and choke bobbin for power electronic, relay spacers, HV transformer tap changers, grid covers, selector bank insulation and more.
Fabric Phenolic Range
We offer quality fabric phenolic sheets that are made from finely woven cotton fabric as a filler material and phenol-formaldehyde resin as a bonding medium. Fabric phenolic sheets are graded according to the coarseness of cloth and electrical properties.

Fabric Phenolic range is available in grades of E-F2 and E-F3. The different characteristics and applications of these grades are given below:

E-F2 is a general purpose laminate with superior machinability and mechanical properties and offers excellent strength to weight ratio. The different applications of this grade include the use of shuttles, gears, pulleys, automobile, couplings, structural parts, low-voltage contact breaker, friction plates and more.

It is mechanically strong with adequate machinability and offers high impact resistance. The various applications of E-F3 include uses in heavy duty gears, pulleys, pilling dolly, workbench tops, rolling mill bearings, etc.

Syndhania Sheets

Syndhania Sheets

Approx. Rs 1,000 / Piece

We offer quality syndhania sheets for different packaging requirements of our clients. These are produced from carefully selected and treated raw asbestos fibers and special grades of cement. Various special properties of the material are obtained by maintaining precision control of the blend, rate of mixing, addition of predetermined quantities of water and chemicals and then compressing the mix into sheet form under high pressure condition. These sheets are then kept for maturing for several weeks under controlled conditions of humidity and temperature.

Our range of syndhania sheets and boards are a versatile material that combine distinctive properties such as high arc resistance, non-rusting, good alkali resistance, low thermal conductivity and
  • Ability to withstand high frequencies
  • High strength even at high temperatures
  • Extremely hard wearing, which results in long life and infrequent replacement
  • Smooth machineability without splitting or chipping
  • Good thermal stability at high temperature
  • Low contact thermal shock, which eliminates fracture in items like glass components
  • Suitability as fire check barriers
  • Non-metallic thus controlling problem of induced currents
  • Availability in high thickness blocks of upto 75mm leading to convenient manufacturing of components
  • High temperature resistance
  • Good anti-tracking properties
  • Easy fixing by fasteners or adhesives

We offer syndhania sheets in two grades, viz. - Untreated and Treated.


Untreated Sheets are available in the following grades:

Its is a general purpose sheet, which is suitable for most of the required applications.

HD-35 is a special grade syndhania sheet made for specific applications. These are manufactured only against order.

Untreated grade has high water absorption, which can result in unsatisfactory electrical insulation if used in situations where such water absorption can occur. In this case Silicone Resin impregnated materials (SR Grade) are recommended, which eliminates the necessity of coating the edges with varnish after cutting.Silicone Resin has been chosen due to its higher operating temperature in comparison to other available Resins. SR grade does not replace HD grades but is useful in applications where superior electrical properties are required such as in arc chutes and barriers for H.V. air break switchgear.

Wool Felt

Wool Felt

Approx. Rs 400 / Kilogram

We offer quality wool felt, which is a versatile material of Mechanical & engineering industry, as it can be used to confirm a specific size, a specific thickness & specific shape.

Wool Felt is a superior quality fabric, which is produced without spinning, weaving, needling or knitting and is produced by using mechanical action to interlock fibers by a suitable combination of a mechanical work, chemical action & heat to produce a homogeneous mass of interlaced fibers. This fiber migrate along its axes, curl and interlace with adjacent fibers from a tradition Wool Felt. We can also blend other fibers with the wool fibers in case special characteristics are required.

With our sophisticated production facilities and extensive industry knowledge, we are one of the specialist in the world and supply quality products for the different industrial requirements. Our constant dedication and the commitment to achieve excellence in what we do has made us one of the most reliable name in Felt making Industry. Our choicest selection of wool & quality control staff ensure that only the best is delivered to our customers.

Red Fibre Sheets

Red Fibre Sheets

Approx. Rs 300 / Kilogram

We offer superior quality red fibre sheets for various packaging requirements. Produced using quality materials, modern production plants and sophisticated techniques, our red fiber sheets are used in various applications including mechanical, construction, electrical insulation, the container and abrasives industries.

These sheets are made by combining different layers of a chemically gelled paper. These are hard, dense, strong and light industrial material, and offer high impact resistance and excellent nonding surface. A quality electric insulator, it is non corroded or deteriorated by saltwater exposure, non degraded readily by sun light and is non-toxic. Readily machined, punched, stamped and formed, the red fiber sheet can sawed, drilled, milled and turned to a smooth surface finish.

Salient features :
Insoluble in all ordinary solvents, the red fiber sheet is unaffected by alcohol, either, amonia, turpentine, naptha, acetone, benzol, gasoline, lacquers, oil, greases and waxes.

Asbestos Mill Board

Asbestos Mill Board

Our product is made from superior quality Canadian chrysotile asbestos fibers and various other incombustible inorganic ingredients. It is compactly bound & has smooth surface. Our asbestos mill board contains various qualities including; low thickness, low thermal conductivity, high temperature resistivity. Our product can be easily cut, punched or wet molded and it provides dean edges, while cutting gaskets. These Asbestos Mill Boards serve various applications with utmost precision across various industries including; Automobile Gaskets, Padding, Construction of Roller Conveyors, fire Safety, Environmental Safety, Protection and Equipment, and many more.

Available GradesOther Details:- 
A versatile material used for widely divergent application across various industries

For Insulation

Universal Joint Gaskets

Universal Joint Gaskets

Manufactured from a special grade of expanded 100% pure PTFE by transforming the fibrous structure by means of a special process, our range of universal joint gaskets are used as unique sealing material in various applications. Though very tough, these gaskets are spongy and suitable for almost all flanges, covers and narrow cavities.

The special soft and flexible characteristics of these gaskets make them ideal seal under pressure without significant cold flow even on irregular, badly damaged or corroded flange surfaces. Once bolted this gasket rarely required to be re-torqued.

Applications:Our Universal Joint Gaskets have found various applications in petroleum refining companies even in their offshore operations, corrosive chemical processing, food processing, paper mill, marine installation, for glass lined or fiberglass reinforced vessels and tank lid sealing, manhole covers, vent pipes, heat exchangers, pumps or compressors housing flanges, valves.

These gaskets are also used in many more industrial applications where conventional pre-cut gaskets are not readily available or are unsuitable.

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet

We offer quality industrial laminated sheets for various packaging requirements.
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